Aug 20, 2007

Mini-van Syndrome; have you been affected?

Buying a Mini-van for your family is a very difficult and noble thing to do; for men.

You really take one for the team when you get to drive the short bus around.

Some men, however, are in denial about the vehicle they are driving and will drive at speeds that are inappropriate for their van. This is not a good idea. This kind of person is a tool.

The worst kind of Mini-van drivers, have actually contracted 'Mini-van syndrome' or what is known scientifically as Premature Perambulation.

They will drive below the speed limit indefinitely, until someone tries to pass them. Someone with 'Mini-van syndrome' will then accelerate his vehicle in an attempt to not be passed by another driver. This often causes the other driver to reach 90mph(144kph) and risk a ticket if they want to get around the AssClown.

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JJ said...

I love it!!! I've been saying this for years, LOL.
Keep up the good work.